PreeLine story

We're here to change the way brands engage with consumers

We believe deeply in doing the hard things that most find difficult to imagine, and many can’t comprehend.

We don’t take the easy route - what's the fun in that? As a team of high-impact individuals, we strive to think deeply and independently. We are deliberate in our thoughts, protective of our culture, and collaborative in our approach.

Who We Are

We are informed, imaginative and courageous.  We're not afraid to point out the truths and the potentials.  We're driven by a desire to learn, engage and grow in an industry that we love to our core.

David Lamer

& Co-founder

David Lamer is the CEO and co-founder of PreeLine.  David’s 30+ years in the fashion industry led him to conceptualize PreeLine, recognizing the dire need to change the process by which brands make inventory and assortment decisions.  He was one of the first industry leaders to challenge the industry’s reliance on hindsight data and start the movement towards collecting predictive insights.  A quant and technologist by nature, David was a pioneer of the merchandise planning process for the fashion industry, developing tools and technologies that are still widely used by planning organizations today.  

David started his career in merchandise planning at Bloomingdales and Dillards and then joined a little brand called Tommy Hillfiger in the early 1990’s as the Vice President of Planning. David was part of the executive team that built Tommy from a $50 million apparel label to a $2 billion mega brand in less than a decade.

After leaving Tommy Hillfiger in 1999, David founded Joshuatown Advisors which provided merchandising and planning expertise, as well as qualitative research for hedge funds and public equity investors. In 2004, David returned to the brand side of the industry, joining kate spade LLC as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Planning, helping the founders to implement a streamlined business strategy and sell the company to Liz Claiborne in 2006.   Since then, David has held senior executive roles at Lambertson Truex and Cole Haan and has lent his expertise to a range of brands in the industry as a consultant.

David has an insatiable appetite for information and is an avid reader and podcast listener.  From history to wellness, David is a rich source of interesting facts and theories and is not afraid to share them.  
David graduated from Cleveland State University where he studied business administration and marketing.

Julia Macalaster

& Co-founder

Julia Macalaster is the COO/CXO and co-founder of PreeLine.  Julia's time as a strategy consultant drove her to create a seamless consumer testing environment that is engaging and fun for the end user. Julia led the build-out of the PreeLine website and is responsible for shaping PreeLine into a social platform that entices users to engage with brands’ future merchandise, pulls for genuine sentiment, and generates unprecedented predictive data.

Julia is driven by a passion for new and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Julia has a strong background in consumer research and corporate strategy, which she gained as a management consultant at Booz & Company and later Booz Digital.  At Booz, Julia worked on a variety of strategic projects such as a project with the biggest oil and gas company in the US to research and develop the strategy for their mobile pay-at-the-pump program.  

After leaving Booz, Julia gained valuable digital marketing and planning experience at Mack Weldon, the direct-to-consumer men’s basics start-up, where she managed their social marketing and PR efforts, as well as their inventory planning function. From Mack Weldon, Julia went onto MicroStrategy, a global leader in business intelligence technology, where she worked with top retail brands to create mobile solutions and strategies.

Julia moves at a dizzying speed, accomplishing more in a day than most people get done in a month.   A day in the life includes going for a run along the Hudson River in Manhattan, building out several new website features, writing an analytics brief for a partner brand, and attending a networking event. And that’s all before noon….

Julia earned her BA in Sociology at Princeton University and rowed on the varsity crew team there.

Karen Fechter

Chief merchandising Officer
& Co-Founder

Karen Fechter is the Chief Merchandising Officer and co-founder of PreeLine. With 20+ years of experience as a merchandising executive in the fashion industry, Karen is the resident brand expert, developing PreeLine’s own brand voice and image and acting as the liaison between PreeLine and its partner brands. Karen is passionate about the fashion industry and believes PreeLine has the ability to revolutionize the way brands operate in an effort to generate sales growth and alleviate organizational pain points.

Karen started her career at Coach in the mid 90’s, working with an all-star team of merchants, designers, and business unit leaders during a period of booming growth and evolution for the brand.  Karen held both development and merchandising roles during her 9+ years at Coach and developed exceptional technical, strategic, and process building skills in these positions. Karen left Coach in 2004 to join kate spade as their first ever merchant. In her role, Karen revolutionized the brand’s product creation and market processes and helped the founders to create a more commercial design ethos and product architecture. From there, Karen held executive merchandising roles at Diane Von Furstenberg, Cole Haan, and Lambertson Truex.

Karen is known to be a highly strategic and instinctual product merchant with a penchant for developing effective processes and tools across the product creation triangle and sales organizations.

Karen brings order to chaos. She is a balanced left-brain/right-brain creature, logical and intuitive, placing equal importance on strategy and creativity, words and images, broccoli and chocolate.  

Karen graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was an English Literature and Creative Writing major.