PreeLine offers a revolutionary way to connect with consumers before your goods are made.

PreeLine is a predictive analytics platform for consumer products where users engage with future merchandise before it's manufactured and available in stores. Our technology tracks and tags interactions in order to gain dynamic foresight about what users like and don't like, as well as how they socialized those products to peers. We then humanize our analytics for brands so they gain clarity that is immediate, forward-looking, and actionable.
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Engage Your Consumer Early

Start by sharing foward products with loyal consumers.  Inventory is a huge investment with a high risk factor. Connect with loyal consumers in a meaningful way, pre-season, and gain clarity around predicted product performance.  Receive actionable inventory intelligence that can make your business more profitable and your team more effective.

Tag & Track

Tag product attributes and track data in real time.  Once your collection is uploaded and customers are engaged, data flows continuously into the PreeLine Nucleus platform.  As users engage with products, their actions are automatically tracked, attributed, and stored.

Bring data to life

Bring the data to life and create human driven analysis.  Users interact with forward products in a visual and dynamic environment on the PreeLine platform.  They can visualize concepts, browse your developed collections, bring hidden trends to the surface, and save their favorite products.By enabling active engagement between consumers and forward merchandise in a dynamic environment, PreeLine Nucleus enhances the intelligence for the brand.

Learn from your consumers

Learn about your consumers from your consumers.  The more your consumers engage with the platform, the smarter the predictives get.  Understand where your customers are, what they're excited about and how you can reach them when merchandise arrives in stores.
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